Snezhina Granat

Snezhina Granat


Do you want to feel happy, loved, joyous, full of energy and vitality?

Do you want to have balanced, harmonious and fulfilled relationships?

Do want to know what your soul’s purpose and mission are and how you can achieve your highest potential?

Do you want to manifest your goals and dreams with ease?

Do you want to increase profits in your business, align with the best clients and fulfill your dreams?

My name is Snezhina Granat and my mission is to help individuals and companies achieve their highest potential by providing tools, resources, intuitive guidance, and energy alignment. I incorporate various techniques, teachings and practices, and help clients transform all aspects of their lives and their companies in a short period of time. I do personal, group and business clearing, healing and alignment sessions. I help clear blockages, trauma, fears, old beliefs and patterns. I help balance the mental, emotional & physical health. I provide relationship guidance, clarity and clear negative energies between partners. I help clients align to the best version of themselves and experience clarity, peace, joy, fulfilment, and love. I provide business guidance and help entrepreneurs find clarity, answers, manifest the perfect clients, abundance, exposure and healthy relationships.

My services are for:

Business owners that are open, ready, and fully committed to doing their best, following guidance, and taking action steps so they can experience phenomenal transformation and achieve their goals and dreams. 

Your best life is waiting for you! Are you ready for it?