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Christine Banerjee

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Breast Thermography Center

Thermography is a safe, radiation and compression-free screening method, helpful in risk assessment and documenting select health concerns.  Breast health screening is the most common; but can also be used in thyroid screening, lymphatic congestion, nervous system disorders, vascular system analysis, and neuromuscular disorders. Thermography uses a specialized digital infrared camera, recording temperature emitted from your skin capturing thermal activity, which can indicate physiological changes.

Thermography of  the breast is a screening tool that shows physiological changes associated with angiogenesis, the growth of blood vessels that support tumor proliferation.   A tumor needs a blood supply. That blood supply creates heat that can be seen using thermography indicating a need for lifestyle changes and further testing. Mammography is an anatomical test.  A tumor is seen anatomically.

Thermography has  the ability to detect the signs that a cancer may be forming, giving time to make lifestyle changes to reduce your risk factors. When used as a part of a multimodal approach, 95% of early stage cancers will be detected.

10 Reasons Have a Thermography Scan

  1. No exposure to ionizing radiation.
  2. Thermography is painless and non-invasive
  3. Thermography is an important risk assessment tool. 
  4. No need to wait to the age of 40 to receive breast cancer screening.
  5. Thermography is quick and easy.
  6. Thermography monitors physiological changes.
  7. Thermographic results are not hindered by breast density.
  8. Thermography is safe for implants.
  9. Thermography is FDA-approved.
  10. Thermography is a proactive approach to breast health.